Meeting At Arvind Kejriwal’s Home Ends In Chaos, BJP Alleges Heckling

Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP leaders countered that the BJP leaders “walked out” in the middle of the meeting over Delhi sealing drive.


NEW DELHI:  A meeting called by Arvind Kejriwal to discuss the controversial sealing drive in Delhi lapsed into chaos today as a team of BJP leaders walked out and later alleged that they had been “heckled and attacked” at the Chief Minister’s home.

The BJP said it “strongly condemned the planned attempt to heckle and attack by the Chief Minister’s supporters” as its team led by Manoj Tiwari left the meeting in a huff.

Mr Kejriwal and other AAP leaders, however, countered that the BJP leaders “walked out” in the middle of the meeting objecting to the presence of the media.

After the aborted meeting, the Chief Minister told reporters that his government would appeal to the Supreme Court for a temporary ban on the sealing. “I am sad that this meeting could not take place. We will go to the Supreme Court with a petition. We also want the sealing to stop,” Mr Kejriwal said.

Three BJP MPs, three legislators and two Mayors had come for the meeting with Mr Kejriwal and AAP lawmakers.

As the BJP team spotted a crowd of AAP legislators and media teams, a row erupted.

Mr Kejriwal argued that “all discussions should happen in the open”, but was accused by the BJP of trying to turn the meeting into a rally and to make political capital out of an issue that affected thousands of traders.

“The BJP team left the meeting without listening to (the Chief Minister). Are BJP representatives really serious on traders’ issues or they just want to divert the issue from sealing by BJP governed authorities?” questioned AAP leaders.


Visuals showed jostling and slogan-shouting as the BJP leaders left the Chief Minister’s residence, cutting through a large crowd. “The delegation was called and subjected to gundagardi (hooliganism),” fumed BJP legislator Vijender Gupta.

Delhi’s municipal corporation has been sealing establishments that are using residential properties for commercial purposes


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