Pink, Katy Perry, et al slam Grammys president for saying women need to ‘step up

Recording Academy president Neil Portnow has created quite a buzz within the music industry after saying that women needed to “step up”. This was in response to a question regarding the gender divide at the Grammy awarda function. His response has left many artistes fuming


The 60th Grammy Awards 2018 have received multiple reactions from people on social media. While Ed Sheeran winning the Grammy award for Shape of You over Kesha’s Praying and Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons has upset many, Tweeple were furious after the Spanish hit Despacito didn’t win any Grammy. However, another controversy has cropped up after Recording Academy president Neil Portnow in an interview with Variety stated that women needed to “step up”, when he was questioned about the gender divide at the award function, where only one woman won a major award. His response did not go down well with American singer Alecia Beth Moore, who is professionally and popularly known as Pink. Taking to social media, the artiste penned down her thoughts and shared them.

In her post she wrote, “Women in music don’t need to ‘step up’. Women have been stepping up since the beginning of time. Stepping up, and also stepping aside women owned music this year. They have been killing it. And every year before this. When we celebrate and honor the talent and accomplishments of women, and how much women step up every year, against all odds, we show the next generation of women and girls and boy and men what it means to be equal and what it looks like to be fair.”


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